ZENbo® Balance Instructor certification

Soon also available as distance learning

Distance learning is independent of space and time, the live online trainings are location-independent and takes place on fixed dates.

To participate in the “live online training” you need internet (at least DSL), a camera (e.g. in your notebook) as well as a headset with microphone (the internal one is not qualitatively sufficient) or a separate microphone and headphones. More information on how to participate in the face-to-face seminar.

Interaction during live online training
You don’t have to worry about staring at the screen all day long without interaction. There are periods where you do independent exercises and periods with partner and small group exercises. There’s also input from your instructor, with whom you’ll discuss content and share experiences together in plenary. And, of course, breaks when you are not online.

Participation fees
The fees are the same as for a face-to-face event.  More info about live online seminars (german language – fitmedi Academy).

ZENbo® Balance Instructor Basic

Module 1C1 Live Online Training

ZENbo® Balance Instructor

Module 1C2 Live Online Training

Distance Learning
Fernlehrgang zum ZENbo® Balance Trainer

ZENbo® Balance Instructor Basic

Modul 1C1 Distance Learning

Available in Winter 2021