ZENbo Balance Training

ZENbo® Balance Training


  •     gentle movement training
  •     relaxation in motion
  •     meditation in motion
  •     stress management through balance

With ZENbo® Balance you can

  •     reduce stress
  •     come into your center
  •     become aware of your body
  •     enter into meditation
  •     restore your balance
  •     feel yourself

Balance yourself through tension and relaxation

ZENbo® Balance

A ZENbo® Balance course combines classic Western relaxation techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation and autogenic training, with Far Eastern methods for centering the mind and body.

For this purpose, meditation is integrated at the beginning of a course unit, and the movement part is a mix of yoga asanas and qi gong, or tai chi. Through movement elements that require a high degree of balance, an attitude of ZEN is achieved, a state of being in the “here and now.” If your thoughts wander, you will quickly notice how you are getting out of balance. Through the body (“bo”), we become aware of this.

Finally, we use the relaxation phase to become even more aware of the deep mental and physical relaxation that sets in after a physical training series, with exercises from progressive muscle relaxation (muscle tension and relaxation) and autogenic training or a body scan.

ZENbo® Balance is suitable for all ages and is a gentle form of exercise.

In contrast to typical Western fitness and gymnastic exercises widely practiced in Europe and the US, ZENbo® Balance chooses, with regard to the physical exercises, the Eastern path. With largely effortless and gentle movements that never work against blockages, but transform and release them.

When the body is gradually opened and the muscles and nerves awaken, the whole body can be perceived and felt more consciously again. The goal is not to go beyond your limits, but to go to your limits. Flowing with the current and using its power costs less of your own strength than fighting against it. Therefore, breathing also plays a major role.

The ZENbo® Balance training concept is based on well-founded and proven knowledge that has been reinterpreted to be more “tangible” for us. Free of spiritual teachings, we can experience our own path, our personal balance with movement and stillness. Those who would like to achieve further enlightenment beyond this are of course free to do so.

With ZENbo® Balance, fitmedi wants to offer a body and mind format that is open to everyone and free of dogmas and teachings that do not fit into our cultural and religious mindset.

And we haven’t reinvented the wheel. On the contrary, we use exercises and techniques that have long been proven to be of medical value in the Western world.


ZEN always aims at experience and action in the present moment, and in this way, it includes feelings, thinking and sensations.

Zen is everything and Zen is nothing. But to really understand ZEN, we have to experience it ourselves. ZENbo® Balance can help us with this. ZEN is to be conscious – in the here and now. ZEN is conscious awareness. ZEN is BEING.


What does the “bo” mean in ZENbo? It stands for “body.” This name is meant to emphasize that it is ZEN for the body and through the body.


Balance stands for inner and outer equilibrium (homeostasis).

Homeostasis is the physiological striving to maintain an equilibrium that is necessary for the life support and function of an organism or organ.

It is also about balance on a physical level, such as maintaining our balance when standing on one leg. Since there is always an interaction between mental and physical processes and activations, improved physical balance and flexibility will also affect the psyche. As a result, the practitioner will increasingly feel greater serenity in everyday situations and will be less likely to be upset.


“Life consists in movement.”Aristotle

ZENbo® Balance Training-Impressions

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