ZENbo® Balance Instructor Certification

Training to become certified ZENbo® Balance Instructor | Module 1C1

ZENbo® Balance is a training concept that uses classic Western relaxation methods such as autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation, united with meditation, ZEN and Far Eastern exercises from China, such as Qi Gong and Indian yoga. A holistic body and mind training concept with gentle gymnastics.

What does the “bo” mean in ZENbo?

“bo” stands for body. This name is intended to emphasize that this is ZEN for the body and through the body. Gymnastic exercises according to the ZEN principle.

ZENbo®Balance Basic Instructor – Module 1C1 & ZENbo® Balance Instructor – Module 1C2 training content

ZENbo® Balance Training is very effective and easy to learn because it can be practiced at different levels of difficulty. Participants can often apply what they have learned at home after the first course and experience the positive effects on the body and mind.

ZENbo® Balance is a body and mind exercise program that consists of three phases.

Silence – Arriving and creating awareness: we start with a meditation.
At the beginning of the course unit, meditation helps to center and clear the mind to allow it to “arrive.”

Move – Main part: movement exercises on the floor, which are based on Qi Gong and yoga, form the movement part of the training program. Mobility is improved and the stomach and back are strengthened. The moving gymnastics exercises promote both inner balance and a sense of physical balance and coordination. They are carried out consciously and in a concentrated manner and thus train body awareness. The breath dictates the rhythm of the exercises so that the body exercises are carried out fluidly and are rarely static.

Relax and go – End and relaxation phase: the body and mind training is rounded off with relaxation from the Western-oriented world, e.g. autogenic training. Instead of an original koan a short story is read to the participants as a “go,” which they then “take” with them and let the effect unfold.

ZENbo® Balance is suitable for everyone. People who have never trained their bodies or minds will learn to feel themselves. People who meditate a lot but have so far neglected their bodies can now consciously perceive the body too. And anyone who is already doing something for themselves, such as practicing yoga, can experience the familiar in a new way and expand their wealth of experience with the unknown.

  • The history of ZEN
  • The nature and development of ZEN
  • ZEN koans and the Western equivalent
  • Various breathing exercises
  • ZENbo® Balance movement exercises
  • ZENbo® Balance exercise sequences
  • Flowing processes and
  • Meditations for the silence phase

Use and focus of ZENbo® Balance

The movement part can be practiced as moving meditation, or you can see it as a relaxed movement unit. The instructor themselves can determine the focus of the training by changing the length of the phases, for example. For a 60-minute course, the focus in a gym would probably be on the second phase, movement, and the first and last phases would be a little shorter.

With the same amount of time spent in a health center that focuses on relaxation, meditation and relaxation can play a greater part in the exercise lesson, and the movement sequence in the second phase can be just as long as the third Relax & go.

If you have enough time, you can take 90-minute courses and help participants slow down. It is also possible to use ZENbo® Balance in workshops and health weeks to activate the participants and to train body awareness. As a moving meditation or relaxation, ZENbo® Balance can help people who have previously had difficulty relaxing while sitting or lying down to find access to calm and serenity through physical exercise.

We have had very good experiences with seniors too, so we also offer the ZENbo® Balance Instructor advanced modules for them (in German).

ZENbo® Balance Basic Instructor

The ZENbo® Balance Basic Instructor training begins with the introduction of very gentle exercises, focusing on breathing and the rhythm of movement. Light flowing combinations are carried out together.

ZENbo® Balance Instructor

In the second training module to become a ZENbo® Balance Instructor, the exercises become a little more demanding and the focus is placed on the combination of different ones. After the training, instructors are entitled to offer courses under the name ZENbo® Balance (until their licensing).


We recommend people who have no previous knowledge in the field of movement to complete the self-learning course Module M1 Anatomy & Physiology (only in German) Fundamentals of Movement at the fitmedi Academy. This is not a mandatory requirement, but it is a good first basis for successfully running exercise courses. Adequate physical fitness and fun while moving are of course also required.

Fields of work and areas of activity as a ZENbo® Balance Instructor

You can use the training for yourself or to offer courses and workshops as an independent ZENbo® Balance Instructor. Possible fields of work are in health and family centers, sports clubs and fitness studios, adult education centers and as an additional offer in yoga studios. You can also incorporate the ZENbo® Balance Training into a vacation seminar or a health week. As a complete course unit or only selectively, just a few exercises. This form of movement is also suitable in intermittent stress management seminars. You may also be able to integrate your qualification as ZENbo® Balance Instructor into your current work.

Certification options

Live online training

  • Real-time interaction with your instructor and other participants
  • Two-day licensing course
  • Livestream via Zoom

Distance learning on demand (beginning in fall/winter 2021/22)

  • Premium educational content (learning manual) at your own pace
  • Three months of access to an online platform